Family Tree for MacGregor and Tee



Christian Names: Violet Edith - Known as Vi
Surname: Tee
Maiden Name: Davidson
Father: Ernest Davidson
Mother: Margaret Davidson (formerly Tindall)
Siblings: George 1898, Ted 1900-16/4/1941, Bill 1901, Nell 1903, Pat 1906, Margaret 1908, May 1910, Kathleen 1917 Johnny 1920
Husband: Joseph Tee
Children: Joseph Tee, Sally Tee and Clive Tee
Date of Birth: 16th April 1915
Date of Death: 23rd December 1991 - Obstructive airway disease
Married: 2nd August 1941
Primary School:  
Secondary School:  
Profession: Telephonist